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Edited 6/17/2019
Common sense applies to all rules and trying to find loopholes or grey areas will lead to punishment

Discord Rules

  • No spamming random letters or repeated words in any channels
  • Only use bot commands in #bot-commands or #bot-commands-2
  • Please be mindful that not everyone may share your sense of humor! Keep more offensive topics to yourself
  • Do NOT join channels after a fight because you have an issue with what happened. Instead, bring it up with admins
  • Do NOT join channels to find out the locations of other players
  • If your DINO REQUEST has not been completed in an hour, do NOT message the admins. Please resubmit the request in the proper channel
  • If you fail to show proof of a report twice, the report will not be looked at
  • You cannot make multiple accounts to farm discord points. If they are found all the alt accounts will be banned and the main account will be muted for a period of time. (Depending on the severity of the situation)
  • DO NOT beg for discord points in any channel as well and DM’ing members of the discord.

General Rules

  • English only in Global Chat
  • No homophobic or racial slurs
  • No inappropriate names
  • No adjusting your gamma settings
  • No attacking group members. Once you leave a group, you must leave the area completely before you can hunt or attack them
  • No spamming or sending unsolicited nest invites
  • No logging out while you are still bleeding
  • Your 3 and 4 calls are only used to contest/forfeit bodies
  • Using your 2 call does not guarantee your safety
  • You may not 2 call to fake being friendly
  • No putting down a nest to be aggressive or drain your food
  • Stay away from the Lava we will not replace your dinosaur if you die by it
  • If you are slain due to rule breaking you will not be able to request another dinosaur for 24 hours
  • Herbivores may not pack or hang out with carnivores

Rules for Combat

  • THERE IS NO BODY DOWN RULE! If a body drops, you may still contest the corpse but you must 3 call. If the other party 4 calls, they MUST LEAVE THE AREA COMPLETELY. Until the forfeiting dino(s) have left the area, they are considered contesting the body.
  • If you kill member(s) of a pack that is hunting you, 4 calling does not mean that they need to stop
  • You may not enter water or lava or use cliffs to avoid player confrontation or cause your body to be inedible to others. This includes bleeding out while swimming or purposefully drowning. Suchomimus and Baryonyx may sit or swim in the water but they may not enter the water if they are bleeding. Water is still not a safe zone for Suchos or Baryonyx
  • No interfering with active fights and people in active fights can not attack dinos who are not part of the initial battle
  • If no body is down, and the fight has ended, should one party be sitting, or has left the area, both parties become ‘fair game’. Even should one, or both parties be injured/bleeding
  • After combat ends, you stay in the area at your own risk. This includes when healing off bleed or broken legs
  • Carnivores are NOT allowed to mixpack with other carnivores of different species. THIS INCLUDES warning players not in your pack/herd of danger or giving out player locations in global
  • Scavenger dinosaurs(Austroraptor and Herrera) may follow and stay with Tier 4 or higher or above dinosaurs but MAY NOT engage in fights or help the pack

Rules for Herbivore Aggression

  • Herbivores may not attack unless provoked. Examples of provocation include entering ambush stance while facing herbivores, following herbivores, 3 calling herbivores, mock biting at herbivores, and/or coming into their immediate vicinity.
  • Herbivores must give warning before initiating a fight. They may 3 call to warn the carnivore to leave. They must allow them time to 4 call and leave the area. If the carnivore fails to do so, the herbivore may attack.
  • Herbivores may contest other herbivores for land. They may only contest for the major landmarks for herbivores. (Ex. Paradise, baybrook, lighthouse, etc.) The opposing herd must give a warning in global chat before they attack. You must 3 call multiple times and give the other herd a chance to 4 call and leave the area if they wish to forfeit the land. You cannot chase those that wish to forfeit the land. If you contest for an area you MUST stay in that area. You MAY NOT contest the same herd multiple times
  • Herbivores do not have to allow another herbivore in their herd. They may 3 call to warn the other herbi to leave. They must allow them time to 4 call and leave the area or they may be attacked
  • Herbivores are not allowed to corpse guard unless the body is near their nest or if the herd has been attacked twice by the same carnivore or pack
  • If a carnivore or pack enters two engagements with the same herbivore or herd, the herd may fight them to the death. The herbivores do not have to stop the fight due to the carnivores having a body or leaving the area.

Rules for Bodies and Contesting

  • If you a carnivore, YOU MUST STAY WITH THE BODIES OF WHAT YOU KILL even in self-defense. Once you kill a player, you cannot leave the body/edible gore until you have finished eating, it has despawned, you are contested, OR if the body is inedible due to being in water or is otherwise unreachable
  • When you 3 call to contest a body, if the other party 4 calls and is moving away you must let them leave. If you 4 call you must continue actively leaving the area around the body or they may attack you. This includes if you are bleeding or have a broken leg
  • If your packmate(s) are in a fight, and you cannot reach them before they die, you must treat their dead body as a contestable body to re-engage the fight. (3 and 4 call rules still apply)
  • The entire pack must stay with the body if you kill a player (even if you didn’t kill them but your pack did you must stay with the corpse)
  • You must 3 call when entering the area to contest a body/edible gore.
  • You must 4 call and completely leave the area when contested to forfeit the body
  • When contesting, edible gore is defined by the aggressing party (Example: A Rex must contest for large gore, but does not need to for a small/medium gore pile). For family groups this is defined by the parent dinosaur(s)
  • You are not allowed to share bodies. If there is a body you wish to eat from you must contest it (does not include scavengers)

Nesting Rules

  • Non-Survival dinosaurs are only allowed to nest 1 hatchling in their entire lifetime and it must be male unless told otherwise(Herreras, Austros, and Baryonyx may nest freely)
  • There are no nesting limits for survival dinosaurs, however when they become an adult, they count towards your herd/pack limit